Kevin Downes

KEVIN DOWNES (Shane Fuller)

Kevin Downes is an actor, director, and producer, often working alongside his brother Bobby in Downes Brothers Entertainment's faith-based projects including Like Dandelion Dust (based on Karen Kingsbury's novel). Kevin plays officer Shane Fuller, a divorced father. Among the films Kevin has appeared in: Bobby Jones, Senseless, and Thr3e. Kevin is the father of two young boys.

Kevin's favorite role—being a dad:
"I am so thankful to be a parent. We have prayed and longed for children for over 7 years and from the moment I held them in my arms, I would throw myself in front of a bus for them. Equally as important is sharing Jesus with them as early as possible. Though the trials were tough, God's perfect plan was in place to bring Nathaniel and Benicio to us. God is very good!"